Win a Trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Create your own iconic getaway!  Enter your chance to WIN 5 TICKETS TO KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA!

Fly to Kuala Lumpur and check out the iconic Petronas Towers, the tallest twin tower in the world. Towering the city at 451.9m, it was even crowned the tallest building in the world for 6 consecutive years from 1998 to 2004. It isn’t just tall, it also houses one of the biggest shopping malls in Malaysia. The Suria KLCC an upmarket retail center, which includes an art gallery, a philiharmornic theatre, and an underwater aquarium!

KL isn’t just about the city view. You can easily head out to the suburbs and enjoy the natural sceneries around. The Batu Caves is one of the few most religious sites in Malaysia. It is the main location used for a Hindu festival, known as Thaipusam. Apart from that, it houses a number of flora and fauna as well. It is definitely a picture perfect location.

And of course, when in KL, one cannot forget about the food culture. Because of its vast ethnicity groups, food in KL is heavily influenced by each individual culture. That automatically creates its own unique food menu that will definitely be welly received by one and all.

Thus, don’t hesitate any longer. Since it is very easy to join! So grab the chance to win now!

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