Win a Trip to China!

Grab the chance to win a trip to China!

Guaranteed grand prize of either $25,000 USD or $17,500 CAD/AUD/NZD/SGD split between cash, travel voucher and charity donation. 

Taste authentic Chinese food like you’ve never had before. Be amazed by their use of spices and herbs, putting flavor and health benefits on the same plate.

If you’re lucky, you might be there during any of their holiday celebrations. You will be greeted with colorful decorations and loud fire crackers!

Visit some of the more rural areas in China, and you may even get to feel what it is like to be commuting on a boat on a daily basis.

PLUS, it is very easy to win! So grab the chance to win now!

How to enter: 

  1. Click “Enter Now” above
  2. Fill out the required fields
  3. Complete the entry form
  4. Submit your entry
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